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Welcome to Teachino.

Where teaching happens.

We’re a well-funded Pre-Seed startup helping to improve school education with software. Join our experienced team to shape a company with a real impact - from day one. Write to

🔥 Our Vision / Why we exist

  • Education is the foundation of our society. Imagine what becomes possible when schools can create an environment where every student can thrive; learning at their own pace; based on their own interests.

  • Teachers, students and parents are in need of the right tools to create this environment.

  • We’re creating them. 🛠️ 

👨🏾‍💻 Your colleagues

  • have a total of 80 years of teaching and 40 years of EdTech experience

  • Stefan, the founder, has led an EdTech company of 100+ people as CEO

  • the team has already worked together in previous startups, including one exit

  • most of us are from South Tyrol - that’s where the header picture was taken and where we have some of our team retreats ⛰️

🤩 Perfect Fit

  • You’re passionate about improving school education

  • You’re eager to learn and grow in your role: we value attitude over years of experience

  • You’re eager to help shape a company from day one

  • You’re a generalist rather than a specialist (we’re a small team!)

  • You’re in for the long haul to work towards our common goal </aside>

Open positions

🏠 Where we work

  • We primarily work remotely

  • But you’re also welcome to join us in our office in Vienna.

  • The entire team meets regularly for a couple of days - either in Vienna or in South Tyrol (or soon in your hometown?) </aside>

🏎️ How we hire

  • We want to be the right fit for you - and vice versa. That’s why we’ll give you a chance to meet many of the team and ask all the questions you need.

  • Step 1: a phone call to get to know each other and confirm that we’re looking for the same things

  • Step 2: we send you some written questions

  • Step 3: we set up a 2-hour conversation with you and several team members, to discuss your answers, your questions, and a work sample

  • Step 4: we make an offer

  • We’re able to complete these stages within a few days.

💰 Money

  • we have great investors on board to fund our growth

  • we offer great compensation packages - including equity

  • in the next years we need to prove that we can build a sustainable, long term business

Want to know more?

Write us at or